Schnitzer Steel SOX Testimonial



Stefano Gaggini: I think the tool has really given us the ability to be a lot more flexible and effective. It is really about being able to use the tool and being able to rely on it and rely on the integration of the tool. We have not performed a quantitative assessment. Certainly qualitatively we can speak to it. I can say that from an ease of use—how intuitive the tool is—that is certainly a huge benefit to the organization. Easily I can put a number out there in hours—being dozens of hours during our 10-Q season and probably up to between 100 to 200 hours on a 10-K of pure savings from a time perspective.

Karen Hayson: I think the comfort that I get from it is being able to know that it is one platform that everything is in there and we’re not going to lose information. If something was to be changed, we have the ability to track that. We are also able to link everything and that is a huge feature that gives me a comfort, because I know when we’ve gone through and have done our updates on the process narratives, that it’s been linked to our risk control matrix and that is the control matrix being used with the internal and external auditors.

It is very important for us to be able to tell the auditors that we have made changes from when they previously did their audit. Using the blacklining functionality gives us very precise points where we have made a change so that they can make sure there are no issues.

Stefano Gaggini: The evidence that we like the solution is from the fact that we’ve expanded its use throughout the organization. I like the fact that over the last four years, since we’ve started in early 2011, Workiva has actually implemented new modules and new applications within Wdesk. That to me as a user really makes me realize that we have a vendor that actually believes in their tool and is able to develop new uses that the users will benefit from.

I would totally recommend using Wdesk. It makes a huge difference in our audit compliance department. It is able to deliver high quality files on a timely basis.

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