Saving two months with Wdesk for ERM


  • The company was looking to cut back on the four months its annual ERM report took to complete.
  • The contract compliance administrator managed an 80–90 page workbook alone and wanted to consolidate it into a shorter, more easily accessible format.
  • Each subsection of the workbook needed two or more pages to fit the summary of changes and raw data.
  • The company used Wdesk for management reporting and felt automating its ERM report would be easiest with a solution it already had.

Why Wdesk is the perfect fit for the private company

  • Linking allows a change to be made once and flow into the workbook and ERM presentation, saving time previously used updating headlines, data, and color-coding throughout the report.
  • The presentation consists of custom heat maps that enable management to quickly identify key risks.
  • Once the presentation is distributed to executive vice presidents, they can easily assess each department through color-coded, one-page dashboards.
  • A summary of changes section allows team members to see what changes have been made without having to search through the entire workbook.

The company's results

  • The risk of human error has been eliminated because handwritten notes are no longer necessary. Everything is entered directly into Wdesk during risk assessment meetings.
  • One person easily manages the entire ERM process and can always call the company’s assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) if an issue arises.
  • Because creating the report now only takes two months, the risk management team has time to meet twice, instead of once, a year to assess risks and make changes.
  • The company’s ERM presentation is now less than half the size of what is was previously—only 35-40 pages.
  • Except for some small narrative sections, the presentation is completely automated.

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