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Save Time, Improve Accuracy with Linking

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You can make the change, you can see it take place instantaneously. Whether it’s just your Q you’re filing, we have our earnings release, we’re populating that at the same time. We have another document that they use for kind of like talking points. It’s updated at the same time.

Having the whole file prepared and linked just gives me that comfort. Where I don’t have to spend all that extra time going back and rechecking every single number and validating it against the support because I know if I’ve checked it once, it ties throughout the document. And that’s a huge thing just having that comfort and comfort for our CFO and the other people, the auditors, and lawyers knowing that too. Because that gives them the validation they need.

The fact that it not only saved dollars but it made us so much more efficient when it came to our document, and to our filing, and that we are not restricted by anyone else’s schedule any more.

That concept that you can enter in a number once, change it in your workbook, and that number flows through everywhere. It flows for us into our other footnotes, it flows into our MD&A, it flows into our press release, it flows into our script. Truly the "update once and flows everywhere" is game changing.

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