Republic Airways SEC Reporting Testimonial



Mike Beckner, Director of Financial Reporting: When they said they had a solution that would allow you to file in-house and allowed us to just link different documents back and forth together instead of Word and Excel tables, which is very, very cumbersome very, very difficult to copy and paste, we liked that idea. The best part about it is that the timeliness of hey we’ve got a last minute change from legal at a different airline, we’re able to incorporate that very, very quickly and then move on and send it off.

We’ve gone from probably a 45-day filing date to a 30-day filing date. We’re probably about 15 days better because of what we do with the software now. What Wdesk has started to do is it creates a different work-life balance in the fact that you don’t have to be in the office to communicate with your team members. You can see when somebody is working on a different section and it’s either locked out or different things like that.

It’s been great from a customer service standpoint that’s been wonderful, which has helped us really say, ok you know you don’t have to be in the office at 8:30 push this button, and we can get help when we need it.

When we always talk about Workiva, and what they do, our biggest thing is, you’re always going to have support, it’s going to shave time at some point during your process, you are going to get a better product of what you’re doing because you have less time invested in it.

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