Paragon Offshore uses Wdesk for SEC and Management Reporting Testimonial



Miguel Hall, Senior Analyst for External Reporting: Well we use it in two folds. One, for our filing purposes. For our 8-Ks, 10-Qs, and 10-Ks. But then also for our internal reporting. We have a managerial report, so each month we’ll go ahead and file a report for our executives. What we’ll do is use the program to corral all the information from all of our organizations and come up with one concise report to deliver to our executives.

With a repetitious close process that numbers constantly change, it allows the user to constantly change with the reports.

I think my favorite feature would be the rollover aspect of it. Something that I have used for a prior period report or a prior month’s report I can rollover and use that link again in the future or for another report.

My customer success person, he’s very capable. He’s always there when we need a phone call. He walks us through all the times for our filings, even though we don’t actually need him to be there, but he’s always on call in case we have any issues. He saves me a tremendous amount of time. If there’s something I cannot find within 5 or 10 minutes, he’s always told me to give him a phone call and he’ll do the legwork to find it and usually he knows it by the time I pick up the phone and call him. But if not, he’ll send me an email or phone call back in 30 minutes and that will save me a lot more time.

I would tell them to go in with an open mind and get a demo and they’ll be pleasantly surprised at what they see and the capabilities of the program.

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