Paragon Offshore Expanding Wdesk Integration Testimonial



Miguel Hall, Senior Analyst for External Reporting: At this point we’ve been using your solution now for probably a year. We didn’t envision on using it for our executive reporting at this point, we were just envisioning using it for our 10-K and 10-Q. But maybe 6 months into program we saw that the usage of the financials were already in the system, so why couldn’t we just pull the financial data and then use that for other systems?

It’s very easy, it’s very seamless to integrate that into other programs and to other reports that we currently have. We’re slowly but surely integrating more things that we can possibly can into that system and with the sync process, some reports that are running, we’re trying to see if we can automate those to turn into a reporting package of some sort. That way we won’t have to manually run these reports over and over again ourselves.

We were both very comfortable with it. We showed it to our supervisors and the cost was at the same cost we were paying before, if not a little bit cheaper. The change was seamless, and we went with something that what we thought would be something better and we’re excited and happy with what we did.

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