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Our customers say it best

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I was so impressed with what they’d been able to do with things that look like PowerPoint, things that look like Word, things that look like Excel. They take the best features of those tools and are able to incorporate them in a way that I have never seen before and make them work together and function together in a package that works better for what we are doing as a team.

It is very user friendly. It is sort of like people say Facebook or Amazon, no one ever taught you to use those two.

It’s allowed us to use our talents in other ways. To look at what is the future of this company, where do we want to go. We know we have these programs in place we don’t have to worry about spending all our time filling out forms or making sure we have an accurate document because the program does it for us.

It’s actually been a wonderful year for us. It’s been so nice to see how it works and how the control owners, business process owners, our executives have reacted to how positive it is for them.

From an internal audit standpoint from a SOX standpoint we are seeing efficiencies in our hours. Like I said I know they are getting more done based on the projects they’re able to do outside of 404 now. I think what we’re going to get to see in a full year which I’m excited to see is how much it saves on the external side.

Workiva’s really made me look good. I’m getting all the credit for my work but it’s really Workiva that’s behind the scenes and making that happen.

I would totally recommend using Wdesk. It makes a huge difference in our audit compliance department.

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