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Disconnected Challenges

Origin Bank used desktop-based software to create and manage its financial and earnings reports.

Connected Results

  • A single system for internal and external stakeholders, including auditors, to use—which reduces processing time
  • Wdesk linking reduces the amount of manual calculations the reporting team does
  • Workflow features speed up document review and increase collaboration among team members
  • Support Binders make it easy to manage and annotate supporting documentation for its reports


SOX Compliance, SEC Reporting




Before I got there, our controller, Origin Bank’s controller, used Wdesk at her prior job. She told our CAO they needed to get this; it’s going to make our lives so much easier. We use it for, like I said, the earnings release document, the annual report. We also contract out some of our internal audit work with another accounting firm, so giving them access to it, so everyone’s system is the same because who we contracted with used one system, and then we would use another system, and it was kind of a nightmare to put everything together. It was duplication of work because they would use one and would send it to us, and we would have to upload it into our system—it was terrible.

So now with Wdesk for the internal audit function, everybody’s got a login, everybody can upload the same stuff, everybody’s got access to the same things. The linking function has just been really great. For us, it’s less manual calculations that we have to do, you know, the more manual stuff you have to do, the more errors you’re probably going to have. So with the system doing it for us, it’s just so much more efficient. So we’ll drop in our trial balance, and everything will link, and if it does it like it’s supposed to, which it does you know, the only thing we really have to update is the verbiage.

The little bubbles on the side that change colors have been extra helpful as well. Whenever I was done with a note for the annual report, I would change the color to green so that would mean he would know it was time for him to review that. Whenever he reviewed it, if it had comments that he needed me to address, he would change it to a different color, and if it was final, we would change it to red. We found that really, really helpful as well.

We use it for, like I said, the earnings release document, the annual report—we’re starting to use it now for internal audit. We’re learning more and more about how to put our test work within Wdesk and how to use certifications within Wdesk to make it more efficient for us.

Our CFO was really impressed with how much quicker we could put it together, and not only that, with how much quicker we could get support to the auditors. Especially with them having access to it, it was a lot less back-and-forth of them coming to us.

Whether you’re private or public, you’re always looking for efficiencies within your organization, right? You’re always looking for a way to save time because when you save time, you save money, and as an accounting department all we are, are expense generators. We don’t really create any income—wherever we can cut expense is what we want. I couldn’t really imagine putting it together without Wdesk.

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