Noranda Aluminum - Section 16 Testimonial


Courtney Rose: Before we used WebFilings we used just a word processing tool and spreadsheets and our process was very manual. We complied our document and then sent it over to a printer for EDGARizing.

We’ve been using Wdesk and the editor for a couple of years and it occurred to me that the Section 16 reporting was not something that I handled in my department, but I saw the product on the Wdesk website and thought that maybe it was something we can use. So I inquired with our legal department and we talked about how much they were spending on their current process, which was going through an external provider, and it was a very one-off process. So it took a lot of time internally as well as cost a little bit on a per-filing basis. So when we looked at the Wdesk option for Section 16, it just made complete sense because it was very cost-effective and it also was very helpful in maintaining the data within the system, it was easy to set up, and we had a demo and after 15 minutes I think we were sold.

I just brought it up to our legal counsel that there was this product available and what it had done for our financial reporting and asked her what their current process was like, and asked our CSM what the WebFilings tool was like. And once we looked at what they were doing compared to what we could be doing, I think everyone agreed that this looked like a great solution.

I think it was absolutely our recommendation of how well the tool had worked for us in financial reporting. You know, I’m not a sales type person, I rarely recommend products to people even if I use them myself, but I think with WebFilings I felt completely confident in what it’s done for me in my professional life. I feel completely comfortable recommending it to anyone in my company. If there’s a solution that they can use, I recommend that they use it and any of my peers who are out there working in financial reporting, I’m always bringing up to them that they should check into WebFilings.

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