Noranda Aluminum - Certification Testimonial



Courtney Rose: The cloud solution that WebFIlings offers is amazing because we’re able to work from anywhere. So there’s no longer a question if someone needs to leave the office night before a filing, there’s no longer a concern that they need to sit around and wait for everyone to get done and for us to push the button. They can leave and if we need them, they can log back on and fix whatever we need to fix in a minute. So it’s really given us the flexibility to give everyone more of a work/life balance and the confidence that if we need to file something early in the morning or late at night, we’re able to do that from home.

After we were using the product for about a year, I think we were introduced to the certification function, which we were very excited about because we had a manual process of sending out our disclosure checklist to a variety of managers and directors within the company at several locations. So we were excited to be able to use that certification process, send everyone an email, have the tool compile all the… all the answers and everything in one place.

We have the same certifications that go out to the same individuals every quarter, and using the roll forward process that certification has, we’re able to send out the document. So not only do we ask managers and directors within the company to look at disclosure items that need to be disclosed in our documents, but they also review the 10-K and the 10-Q and they provide their sign-off through the certification.

We’re able to get responses quickly and it’s a consistent process every quarter. Now we’re able to focus less on the task and more on the meat of the responses, and how we need to take those and incorporate them into our document for transparent reporting.

It’s very user-friendly and I think that all of the Wdesk applications are similar and so once you get the hang of one of them, it’s very easy to transition to a new product. I couldn’t say enough great things about our customer success manager. We’ve had the same one for more than two years. I think WebFilings and, through my specific customer success manager, has provided the best customer service of anything that I’ve used in my professional or personal life.

I would recommend WebFilings to a professional peer.

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