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Noodles & Company – SOX Testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

When the company went public, the small financial accounting team needed better, more efficient ways to manage new demands for SEC reporting, data collection, and preparing for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.

Connected Results

  • One platform that handles all data collection and financial reporting needs
  • Paperless reporting process
  • Consolidated data collection
  • Reduced the need for two full-time positions
  • Ultimate flexibility and control over SEC and SOX reporting


SEC Reporting, SOX Compliance


We have gotten our external auditors in there, we’ve gotten our general counsel, our CFO, so a lot of the review happens within the software, and it becomes the one place where everybody can know which document is live, it gets rid of the redundancy of paper and who owns the live document, and here’s a Word® version over here.

It is very user-friendly. It is sort of like Facebook or Amazon, no one ever taught you how to use those two, and so I find Workiva is very similar to that. If you click around, you can find exactly what you need, it is very user-friendly.

We are looking at the exact same document, as somebody makes a change we can see exactly where they made it. They can make comments, and so we don’t have very much confusion on which is the current working document, and that has helped us a lot with all the different hands in the pot. We are starting to bring in our finance team and the rest of our accounting team, getting them as reviewer licenses and contributor licenses where it warrants it.

Melissa Bracken, Technical Accountant: Wdesk helps us, with being a really small group, in that we have everything, we are pretty good at communicating, but when somebody gets pulled away for something, it is easy to just go in and see where you are at. As well as, we are both always in the document at the same time because there is so much to get done and that you can break it down by section, and you can both be in there at the same time and still get things done. It is hard with a small department as far as review goes to really evidence that, so with using data collection, we found a way to be able to say ok, it came in we received our data collection on this date, and then Carrie looked at it on this date. Having that kind of documentation, which is helping us with SOX as well, because we did not have that before.

Carrie Hart, Senior Director of Financial Reporting & Compliance: I think the investment you guys make in listening to your customers is tremendous, and it goes a long way. The attention that we get is amazing, and we feel grateful that you guys listen to us, and if we have an issue or a concern or an idea, everybody is open to it. I would absolutely recommend Workiva to any company thinking of going public or who is already public.

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