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Noodles & Company - SEC Reporting Testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

When the company went public, the small financial accounting team needed better, more efficient ways to manage new demands for SEC reporting, data collection, and preparing for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.

Connected Results

  • One platform that handles all data collection and financial reporting needs
  • Paperless reporting process
  • Consolidated data collection
  • Reduced the need for two full-time positions
  • Ultimate flexibility and control over SEC and SOX reporting


SEC Reporting, SOX Compliance


We used to have an internal drive for our company where we would keep all of our attachments that related to the document. We weren’t ever sure if that one was the final version. Then people would save two versions of it, and it was just say "Version 1" or "Version 2," and which one was the final one that went with the document.

By using the support binders, we’re able to attach the actual support to each number right within Workiva, and it’s all in one place. Then, we know whatever number is tied in the document, that it was the final back up workpaper.

It streamlines the process for our external auditors because now we can download the binder at the end. We can make tick marks on it, we can make annotations, we can show sums, and so, it has helped our review process. We have full documentations and a tie-out in the system. It stays with the document, and we don’t have to worry about overwriting files and which version is the right one, like we were experiencing in our external drive.

Workiva loves feedback, and we are always happy to give it. Our CSM is amazing. She picks up the phone whenever we need it. And when she is on vacation or off at another training or a client’s site, she always assigns us a backup. She will send us an e-mail letting us know who we can contact, so we never feel like we are lost or have nobody to support us. She’s gotten to know us and our style, and so she hears of new things and she’s like, "Hey Noodles, do you want to try this?" and we absolutely love to do that. Every time we hear of new functionality, they’ll tell us a couple of nuggets of what’s coming up. We always ask to be the first ones to try it or get in line as soon as we can possibly get it because we’re a very tech savvy company. We love to try the new functionality and anything that makes our lives easier, and we’re very happy to give feedback.

Customer service is—by far—better than any of my other vendors. I work with lots of vendors in my capacity and the customer service you receive at Workiva will top any experience that you’ve had with any other company.

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