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Noodles & Company - IPO Testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

When the company went public, the small financial accounting team needed better, more efficient ways to manage new demands for SEC reporting, data collection, and preparing for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.

Connected Results

  • One platform that handles all data collection and financial reporting needs
  • Paperless reporting process
  • Consolidated data collection
  • Reduced the need for two full-time positions
  • Ultimate flexibility and control over SEC and SOX reporting


SEC Reporting, SOX Compliance


We went public about two years ago. During the process of getting our S-1 prepared, we did use a printer, but we started reaching out to a lot of our competitors and other members of the retail environment that are public and asked them who they used. By and large, it was Workiva. It was the best response we got. It was flexible and people really felt that it was the best product out there.

It is very user-friendly. It is sort of like people say Facebook or Amazon—no one ever taught you how to use those two—I find Workiva is very similar to that. If you click around, you can find exactly what you need. It is very user-friendly.

We currently use it for financial reporting. We do all of our Qs and our Ks, we do 8-Ks in there, our press release. We are just starting to use certifications as well. We have been able to expand out into using it for a lot of other things as well—we have all of our SOX reporting in there, and we have certifications. I am going into one application to do everything that I need for financial reporting, as opposed to logging in to multiple systems a bunch of times.

We are looking at the exact same document. As somebody makes a change, we can see exactly where they made it. They can make comments, so we don’t have very much confusion on which is the current working document. That has helped us a lot with all the different hands in the pot. We are starting to bring in our finance team and the rest of our accounting team, getting them as reviewer licenses and contributor licenses where it warrants it to make sure everybody uses the same platform.

For the very first quarter after we filed, we went right into Workiva and the customer service manager that we had, the CSM, is second to none. She picks up the phone at any hour, at any time. Being a newly public company, we were terrified of what our first filing would be like—she just walked us right through it. It was smooth. She showed us how to import documents and get it all set up. It was the best possible first quarter we could have had being public.

I would definitely recommend it. It is a good option. I would tell them it is really robust and that you can take so much of your reporting functions, and not just your reporting—I mean we have expanded too we do part of our audit committee deck in there, and I know a lot of people use it for all their board reporting. Just that you can have one source for your financial numbers, and it flows out to everything across the company—you can't put a price on that.

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