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Disconnected Challenges

NII Holdings depended on two separate third-party vendors to EDGARize its SEC reports and manage XBRL tagging. Due to mergers and growth at both vendors, service was declining and turnaround was slowing down. NII Holdings wanted a better, faster, and more responsive way to produce SEC reports.

Connected Results

  • Slashed SEC reporting costs by two-thirds
  • Eliminated change-management pain points
  • Brought most XBRL tagging tasks in-house
  • A fast, smooth transition in between quarters


SOX Compliance, SEC Reporting

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My favorite feature of WebFilings is that my entire team is able to get into the document at the same time and be making changes and be productive. We’re all able to actively participate and share that document and share our changes. I love the history on the side that allows you to, you know, mark something as a milestone and then go back and easily blackline the product.

Another one of my favorite features about WebFilings is the consolidated workbook, that you’re able to link multiple documents to this workbook. That’s really helped us out a lot with our earnings release process, being able to link certain numbers, you know, from the centralized workbook to multiple locations.

Our relationship with our customer success manger is very quick. Her response time is very quick. If I have a question and I shoot her an email or I call her, she’ll call or respond almost immediately. I think the consistency of having one person to work with, there’s really something to be said for that as well because it’s not a you get whoever you get type situation. You’re re explaining your situation to them. You have one person that you’re working with each quarter and that’s really a big help as well.

We’re really CPAs at heart, so it gives me a level of comfort to know that someone from WebFilings with that experience is reviewing the backbones and reviewing the taggings and making sure that everything’s gonna clear SEC. My personal perspective from the beginning was if this saves us half of the administrative IT battles that we’re fighting right now, just accessing the document, opening it up, and sharing it with other folks, I’m happy. It could have no other features and I would absolutely sign up for this because we just were at our wit’s end.

I can’t say enough good things about WebFilings and I have talked to at least three or four folks from other companies who have asked, you know, our experience. To me it’s very exciting to, you know, have been kind of on the cutting edge of that and now be able to share my experience in a very confident way with other colleagues. I have no doubts recommending it to someone else.

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