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Disconnected Challenges

After losing a week’s worth of data from software errors, National Health Investors wanted a solution that could ease tension in the reporting process.

Connected Results

  • Weeks of stress are replaced with confidence in data integrity
  • Regularly adding new features ensures the best technology is being used
  • XBRL tagging is streamlined


SEC Reporting, Financial Reporting




Getting more involved in the internal reporting side is probably going to be a lot easier with Spreadsheets because the concept is so much more similar and also just having the ability to structure that data so easily and then move it over into a document.

I had 4,500 accounts that I was going to sync, and those 4,500 accounts I was syncing 22 periods, so we’re talking about a lot of data that was coming over. I hit sync, and it stopped, and it said completed, and it had the number of cells it had synced, but it was so fast that I had doubted that it had completed. I went back and checked and compared between the two data sources and couldn’t find anything that didn’t sync. Just to make sure, I did it again and again—it was lightning fast. It has been lightning fast no matter how much data I sync.

It’s very streamlined. I would say it’s very focused on the data, on just handling the data, and I would say confidence. Having that confidence means I am willing to depend on it more and sync more data, and so it’s really important.

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