NHI gets lightning speed with Wdesk



Because of the way Spreadsheets treats that data very similar to Excel® in terms of the formulas across sheets and all that, it is a lot easier for me to make the case that we need to use Wdesk for all of our internal reporting. We already have so much data that is in Wdesk and so many documents that we are sort of driving with that data, it is a lot easier now for me to make the case that we don’t need anything else except Wdesk.

Getting more involved in the internal reporting side is probably going to be a lot easier with Spreadsheets because the concept is so much more similar and also just having the ability to structure that data so easily and then move it over into a document.

I had 4,500 accounts that I was going to sync, and those 4,500 accounts I was syncing 22 periods, so we’re talking about a lot of data that was coming over. I hit sync, and it stopped, and it said completed, and it had the number of cells it had synced, but it was so fast that I had doubted that it had completed. I went back and checked and compared between the two data sources and couldn’t find anything that didn’t sync. Just to make sure, I did it again and again—it was lightning fast. It has been lightning fast no matter how much data I sync.

It’s very streamlined. I would say it’s very focused on the data, on just handling the data, and I would say confidence. Having that confidence means I am willing to depend on it more and sync more data, and so it’s really important.

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