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Disconnected Challenges

After losing a week’s worth of data from software errors, National Health Investors wanted a solution that could ease tension in the reporting process.

Connected Results

  • Weeks of stress are replaced with confidence in data integrity
  • Regularly adding new features ensures the best technology is being used
  • XBRL tagging is streamlined


SEC Reporting, Financial Reporting




You know, I’ve got basically one section that is just the trial balance data, and then everything is pulling from that. The approach has probably been to leave the data in a more granular format so that I maintain flexibility because I know that I can just look up that account number that I need at any one point, instead of having to link one cell to another cell. See, now I know that if I change that account number, it is going to change where ever I need it to change instead of the link.

I’m really just starting with the GL, the trial balance, and so I can do whatever I want to do in spreadsheets, and I don’t have this other process that’s holding me back.

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