NHI Gets Flexibility in Its Trial Balance



I had a two-step process where I would export the trial balance, and I have a pretty large Excel® workbook that allows me to structure the data to a certain point. The problem with that part of the process is when we add a new property, that’s a very manual process to add that property in. But with spreadsheets, I can basically set up a range of accounts and know that I am going to pick up that new property and not have to wonder "Is it in there? Do I need to add it in there manually?" Being able to run formulas across different sections in spreadsheets is kind of a game changer in terms of the value that I can get out of it. Because now, I can sort of back up in the process all the way back to that import or the export of the trial balance and start there and say "I’m just starting with trial balance data, I’ve just got account numbers, let’s move forward from there," and really sort of live in that one space instead of having two different spaces between the workbook and Excel. I can invest more in the structure of the spreadsheet sections and how I want that to look.

You know, I’ve got basically one section that is just the trial balance data, and then everything is pulling from that. The approach has probably been to leave the data in a more granular format so that I maintain flexibility because I know that I can just look up that account number that I need at any one point, instead of having to link one cell to another cell. See, now I know that if I change that account number, it is going to change where ever I need it to change instead of the link.

I’m really just starting with the GL, the trial balance, and so I can do whatever I want to do in spreadsheets, and I don’t have this other process that’s holding me back.

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