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Nautilus SEC Reporting Testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

On the advice of an SEC reporting consultant, Nautilus switched from using Wdesk for SEC reporting to a competing service from a traditional printer. The transition was rough, and the filing didn’t go smoothly.

Connected Results

  • Seamless, no-hassle SEC report development
  • Saved more than a week of time
  • Professional XBRL tagging services
  • Multiple team members work on the document at the same time
  • High confidence in the process and the reports


SOX Compliance, SEDAR Reporting, SEC Reporting


I love the linking aspect as far as the source links and destination links. You make one change in a source link and it cascades all the way through the rest of your workbook and related documents. I like the black line application or functionality; we use that quite a bit as part of our everyday review process. We use the online review and comments function quite a bit. It just makes being able to collaborate amongst varies groups in the company much, much easier. As being an auditor too or former auditor I really liked the whole application and the version control that’s associated with that. The date and time stamps and being able to go back and actually show that as evidence that ‘hey this is where we are going through the review process, this is where we shared information’. We are able to have the most complete, accurate, and up to date information in real time.

I have to give a shout out to my awesome Customer Success Manager. I really feel she and my Professional Services Manager truly are partners in this. I can reach out to them at any time with questions and so I really do consider the Workiva personnel that I’ve had the pleasure to work with not only top notch but truly business partners.

I can honestly say that this application is in my top two favorites, it really is.

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