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Disconnected Challenges

After losing a week’s worth of data from software errors, National Health Investors wanted a solution that could ease tension in the reporting process.

Connected Results

  • Weeks of stress are replaced with confidence in data integrity
  • Regularly adding new features ensures the best technology is being used
  • XBRL tagging is streamlined


SEC Reporting, Financial Reporting



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The first way I knew that something was we had previously been asked to sign a 3-year subscription so I said "What term of the contract?" He said, "Well, you pay for a quarter you get a quarter." So I immediately thought "Well that means that Workiva will continue to be working hard to earn my business each quarter because they know I can just leave and go somewhere else."

In terms of my process, the application affected XBRL exponentially. It was incredibly important in terms of the way it streamlined my process for tagging and improved the document dramatically. It used to be that each quarter of that filing season was a significant drain on me emotionally from the stress of "Is it going to work? Is the document going to maintain integrity?" It was a full four to six weeks of really intense audit, over the weekends and that has changed dramatically. The whole ease of the process has dramatically changed.

When I look here at the conference at the different solutions and really dig in to what opportunities there are, I don't have to question whether or not my recommendation is going to be well-received. You won't regret going with Workiva. My experience has been completely positive. I haven't worked with anyone, any other vendor or anything that felt so committed to my success.

Almost every time I login it seems, it notifies me that there are new features. That's reassuring to know that the application isn't static, it's always improving. Now my experience with the previous vendor positions me to appreciate Workiva better than someone who hasn't.

I do recommend Workiva to anyone that will listen.

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