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Monthly and Quarterly Financials

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  • Prior to Wdesk, the company experienced high paper and printing costs. An inefficient method was used to distribute and consume data.
  • The company was frustrated with manually entering existing data into multiple documents and then reviewing the schedules to make sure they matched up.
  • After hearing of the added security for sensitive data and the expected time savings, the director of financial reporting was convinced Wdesk was the best option for the company.

How the accounting team uses Wdesk

  • The general accounting department gathers financial and operational data for monthly reports from a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet. That file is then converted to a PDF and uploaded to Wdesk.
  • Reports are curated and put together in binders, which are then passed along to the divisional vice presidents and above for consumption.
  • With Wdesk, electronic versions of the final report are accessible a day earlier than in the past. Report recipients no longer have to wait for the hard copy to be printed before its delivery.
  • The company’s financial database is linked to the reports, which keeps data and language consistent between documents.


  • The director of financial reporting said Wdesk saves anywhere from 8 to 16 hours per month—a productivity increase of around 10 percent.
  • The vice presidents and other high-ranking officials have gained peace of mind from Wdesk. Presentations run more smoothly because all data is linked and consistent.
  • Because of the time savings, the company can now focus more on editing and refining the content, as well as using resources for other products.


Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


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