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Disconnected Challenges

Meredith Corporation was dealing with clumsy report development in one department and slow, outdated processes in another. Both were working long hours just to prepare their business reports. The company needed a comprehensive solution to manage their issues and streamline their work.

Connected Results

  • Stress-free transitions thanks to world-class customer support
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Increased confidence in document quality from enhanced validation processes


SEC Reporting, Management Reporting, Financial Reporting


The day I started, the director of financial reporting brought me into her office. She was showing me Wdesk and how she used it in the SEC reporting, and it was just so intuitive to me. "Oh, well this number comes from there, so it feeds to this many footnotes, so yeah, it should be linked." So you make sure it's the same number across the whole document.

Because a lot of times you would always be chasing around a single dollar rounding error throughout a whole report, and you could spend hours on that trying to help the client make sure that every number matched throughout the whole document.

We don't have that problem with Wdesk. You change it one place—it's linked throughout the document. It doesn't matter if you change it in the single source of truth, the workbook—it feeds the whole document. You don't have to chase that one dollar rounding error throughout the document.

It was just—a real light bulb went on.

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