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Disconnected Challenges

Meredith Corporation was dealing with clumsy report development in one department and slow, outdated processes in another. Both were working long hours just to prepare their business reports. The company needed a comprehensive solution to manage their issues and streamline their work.

Connected Results

  • Stress-free transitions thanks to world-class customer support
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Increased confidence in document quality from enhanced validation processes


SEC Reporting, Management Reporting, Financial Reporting


And it's real time, so we don't have version control issues. When we were drafting outside the system, we had some version control issues. Somebody would draft something, and somebody else was drafting something at the same time, and not all the changes got in there.

And actually drafting in Wdesk helped us a lot with version control. It's the single source of truth. This is where everybody's documenting it. This is the real-time document. And as soon as the books are closed, I can hit a button, and it is all very fresh, so it gives us extra time to craft those messages.

And, it also gives senior management more time to take a look at the documents, see what we've done, and provide feedback, so that they are more engaged in the message development.

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