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Less Work, Less Paper in Annual Reporting Process with Wdesk

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Disconnected Challenges

This private restaurant chain was using PC-based word processing and spreadsheet applications to complete quarterly and annual reports for three entities. The financial reporting director insisted on streamlining processes and saving time with Wdesk.

Connected Results

  • Less work, less paper, less time spent creating quarterly, annual reports
  • Evolving solution, with customer feedback incorporated
  • Improved version control and visibility into revisions


Financial Reporting


At some of our companies, there’s very little difference between the parent company that we have and then the operating company. Basically, account for account, it’s the exact same. So having that single-source workbook linking to both of those documents, it’s a lot less work that I have to do and less review on the back-end to make sure everything is accurate.

What I did implement whenever we did bring Wdesk on board was to use the online reviewing function with our external auditors. By doing that, we’ve cut down on a lot of paper. We’ve cut out a lot of time just having to manually write down their comments, wait a day to get it to us, and we look it over, talk amongst ourselves, and wait a day to give it to them. It just makes the process a lot quicker.

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