Kilroy Realty Company Testimonial


Heather Baboola: Finally we got a marriage between the spreadsheet and the word document and kind of the built in controls. It has created a lot of efficiencies in our financial reporting process. It’s allowed us to move through the document at a much faster pace as well as making sure that areas where we have the same information presented in multiple locations is always accurate and updated timely.

The ease of the product is fantastic. We were able to integrate it in within two weeks right before we started our financial reporting process and that was huge. And it was very easy for the team to quickly pick up the product and understand how to use it and there really was… there really wasn’t a big transition time to get everyone up to speed.

It has solved a lot of our pains during the quarter with… it made us much more efficient.The benefit that you get highly outweighs any expense and, you know, that we have found it, like I’ve said, to be a very easy product and, you know, transitioned into… into our process right away.

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