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Matt Lisowski: Using the Wdesk we could change the entire balance sheet rec process. We essentially have hundreds of spreadsheet documents with our balance sheet reconciliations. You can track whether or not they've been done, everything is done in there, you can see the changes that have happened, you can do the review right in there, the emails that prompt the review and basically removes any possibility of having internal control issues.

I would say Wdesk outside of just the SEC reporting has really opened up other opportunities for us to even create more efficiencies within our financial reporting process . Not only from an SEC standpoint, but we can certainly bring all of those balance sheet reconciliations online into the Wdesk application and essentially remove any possibility of missed review, or a missed rec, or something that would create an issue with our auditors.

The absolute best feature by a long shot has to be the linking. It's a basic feature but the fact that you can have a single consolidated workbook that has all your information in there, that's not only linked to that 10-K or 10-Q document but you can also use that to link to your other documents. So with the linking feature, you essentially are just changing one number in a workbook and it's automatically flowing through and changing every other number. And that by far is the greatest efficiency created by Wdesk.

The cloud-based software of Wdesk really creates a lot of opportunity for on-the-go review, especially for a changing technological landscape. Having the tablet functionality and having everything on the cloud, and just bring that all together, it's just such a logical step in the evolution of this process.

I would say that my Customer Success Manager has really just been incredible in helping deal with last minute issues as they come up, helping resolve these issues, and just being available almost round the clock to address any potential problems we might have. I had never seen that sort of dedication but also interest in helping us from a customer service helpdesk standpoint before.

Only about a month or two ago I was at an XBRL conference and it was just so interesting hearing about people talking about all the different software programs they use, and unequivocally everybody that used Wdesk had nothing but positive things to say about it. Basically every other people were either planning to transition to Wdesk or were lamenting at the fact that "our people never respond to our calls" or "we can't do that."

I would absolutely recommend Wdesk to any other SEC reporting managers or anybody in the field.

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