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ICU Medical, Inc. Testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

ICU Medical needed a solution that was faster and offered more XBRL capabilities than a printer.

Connected Results

  • Team has complete control over the filing process
  • Changes are made in a half hour rather than weeks
  • The CFO, auditors, and lawyers have confidence in accuracy


SEC Reporting


We had a 10-K that we were ready to file in February of this year and we had to delay it to do some adjustments to the document and they were adjustments for prior year numbers and we were able to make the changes seamlessly, like within 30 minutes, which if we were in our old format I imagine we probably would’ve been delayed several weeks.

Knowing XBRL detail tagging was coming up was another big factor because we were spending so much time with our printer to just get them to do block tagging at the time.

Having the whole filing prepared and linked just gives me that comfort where I don’t have to spend all that extra time going back and rechecking every single number and validating it against support because I know if I’ve checked it once, it ties throughout the document. And that’s… that’s a huge thing just having that comfort. And comfort for our CFO and the other people, the auditors and the lawyers, knowing that, too. Because that gives them the validation they need.

I definitely would recommend WebFilings.

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