How Wintrust Financial transitioned to Wdesk



The CFO decided I will run the DFAST process, and I was brought in to oversee and makes changes in the current manual process. The first thing I looked at is, why can’t we use Wdesk because Wdesk is a poster child for a process like DFAST? Asking them to start creating everything in Wdesk was not easy because they were used to their PowerPoint®, Excel®, Word®. At some point they did get to where, "Oh this makes sense, oh my god, I don’t have to actually link it to another, I don’t have to go and update the other document now. It’s all done, and I don’t have to take three days it can be done within an hour."

This year, when the examiners had come to audit our DFAST process, our servers went down and we did not have access to the files—Wdesk came to our rescue. Because it is on cloud and he was able to access via his Wi-Fi and he didn’t even have to get to our network. He tethered with his phone, got into Wdesk, downloaded the files that he needed, and shared with the examiners.

So today if you ask them they all are pretty happy with the change that’s going to happen or what Wdesk will help them with. So, if I’m sounding like a sales person again right now, I’m sorry, but it’s really a great technology, and I do not see a reason we should not be using it.

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