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Disconnected Challenges

TIER REIT's director of financial reporting says she knew Workiva could do more when the REIT started using the platform for its 10-K.

Connected Results

  • Expanded use to financial planning and analysis (FP&A) team
  • Expanded use to investor relations team
  • Confidence that teams are linking back to a single source of data




When we first got it, it felt like we had a Maserati, and we were driving it to the grocery store. So I knew it was more powerful than what we were doing with it, but I didn't know how to get us there. I would come to the conferences, and I would see all these cool things people were doing, and I was like, "We need to figure out how to get there."

We started with our Qs and Ks, and then we added the supplemental reporting package, within using the same technology, the workbooks, and the documents. Then last year at the conference, saw Spreadsheets and decided maybe that was something we would look into. So I had a system architect come out, go through what we were doing in Excel® and kind of start to set it up for us initially to at least get me started. From there we have just added on. We're now doing everything linked back to that single source workbook. We've brought more people in. So it's not just the SEC reporting now. We've got our FP&A group coming in, investor relations group coming in. Just in the last few months, our CEO came over and asked me for a user login.

Also, just the innovation is constantly changing. Every year new products are being added. New features are being added to even the products that we already have. And, I just get a sense that they're always like, "OK, what other problems do you have? What can we do next? Where else can we get our fingers into your stuff and help you solve the problems that you're having?"

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