Gigamon Testimonial



Sheryl Anderson: I learned about Workiva, I want to say, four or fives years ago, back in 2010 actually. You sold me on the XBRL from the minute it happened and as we get further down the process and we see the things you guys roll out— with you guys are listening.

I have been such a big champion of Workiva and the product, and what it can do for us, that people were teasing saying, ‘Oh I bet the first thing you do when you move to your new company is sign up with Workiva,’ and I would say ‘Well, no. They're using something else.’ I kind of think you should go into a company, see how they’re structured, and see how things work. Willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, but after that week I said ‘Oh no.’ Within that week I had gone to the Controller and I said, ‘Yeah I think we need to jump.’ He encouraged me to wait 'til the first quarter of the new fiscal year and I said, ‘No really when we're going through the 10-K you really don't want me focusing on learning a product, you want me to focus on getting this documentation right, the 10-K right and working on that. That's where you want me to invest my time.’ So, I was able to speak from experience and I was able to get people to buy off on that.

Now as I see all the new features that you have: the tasks manager, the buttons on the side that tell you what the status is or however you wanted to find them, the new data collection tools. Those are just, all those things are just making it the product better and better and better.

So, I've been in various different places—from my bed, to conferences, to out of the country, working on documents and sending them around and keeping everything going, and not necessarily having to rely on somebody being in the office or a third-party printer or anything. It is still in our control which is, we’re control freaks we like that.

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