Four Oaks Bank Improves Small Team's Reporting Testimonial



Thank Nguyen: I was working at another financial institution where we implemented the product I believe in our third quarter. When I eventually came to Four Oaks I was quite relieved to hear that they were using Workiva.

Workiva allows our two-man team to get done what we need to get done in a timely manner. I can build checks in there through the linking function. It allows me to feel more confident in the data accuracy. Being able to link and all that it saves a lot of time where you don’t have to go to different sections. You know that once you’ve updated one cell it flows throughout the document. You spend less time worrying.

The customer service is definitely a distinguishing quality. They’re always available. I get very timely responses from her if I have a question it’s usually answered within a few hours and she doesn’t hesitate to call me to inform me of new things that have come out and that’s really great because that also helps with knowing the product and being able to utilize the new tools that come out.

So I’ve used Workiva for about 3 years now and with my experience I would definitely recommend it. It definitely has a range of functions that I think would be beneficial to any public company or even private. So I would definitely encourage other companies to look into using it for their reporting.

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