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Financial Technology Company Runs Its IPO with Workiva

Disconnected Challenges

  • Inefficient manual processes
  • Risk of missed comments, miscommunication, or wrong numbers with manual updating
  • Down time while waiting for a traditional printer to process comments

Connected Results

  • Linked data so the team can update a number at the source and automatically update it wherever it is linked
  • Ability to edit their own SEC filings
  • Time savings, efficiency, and control

Why They Chose Workiva

Senior leaders who value efficiency and innovation pushed for the IPO team to use technology like the Workiva platform rather than rely on a traditional printer.
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Workiva Solutions

  • Capital Market Transactions
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)



Freida Lo, Director of Technical Accounting and Reporting at a financial technology company, says her senior leaders believe in efficiency, being innovative, and using new technology. Preparing IPO documents by printing PDF files, handwriting comments, and sending markups to a traditional printer didn’t sound efficient or modern to them. By using the Workiva platform, the company replaced the need to use a financial printer for capital market transactions.

I'm not being paid or receiving a commission from Workiva, but I'm a strong advocate for the tool. You can link. You can do blacklines. You can do so many things within the application that really helps the financial reporting, preparation, and review be a lot more efficient.
Freida Lo
Director of Technical Accounting and Reporting

During Freida’s tenure as an auditor in public accounting, preparing documents to submit to the Securities and Exchange Commission was an extremely manual process. “When I first learned about Workiva, honestly it was a life change,” she said.

She cites three main benefits of using the Workiva platform over a traditional printer for an IPO:

  • Linking. You can update a number in one place and automatically update it wherever the number is linked throughout your document.
  • Direct commenting. Collaborators can leave questions and responses for each other right next to the section where there’s discussion.
  • Control. Workiva platform users have control of their documents from the time they start writing to when they’re ready to file with the SEC.
Linking saves you so much time. The direct commenting really ensures that everybody in the working group is in the same document, looking at everything live. You can see comments and responses right away. There's no time that you have to wait around doing nothing because the printer is processing. Just having control of your document makes the process so much more efficient.
Freida Lo
Director of Technical Accounting and Reporting

Now that the company is public, it uses the Workiva platform for SEC reporting and internal controls management.

I am a strong believer that Workiva has the mindset of keeping their customers happy. A lot of our feedback has created new features in the application. You can tell they're listening.
Freida Lo
Director of Technical Accounting and Reporting

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