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Financial institution finds Wdesk for SOX

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It was the proverbial “light bulb moment.” After creating SEC reports in Wdesk for several years, the reporting manager at one of the nation’s leading financial institutions realized she could use the application for other reporting needs. 

“The functionality of Wdesk gives you a lot of options,” she explains. “It just seemed like it could be leveraged in other ways.” 

In addition to SEC reporting and XBRL tagging, she figured that Wdesk could be used to streamline the company’s Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) documentation requirements.

A fresh start

The reporting manager's SOX team had been through a complete refresh with new team members, so it was an opportune time to train the five-person team on the expanded use of Wdesk.

To accelerate the process, Workiva employees uploaded the company’s documents into Wdesk, set up files for SOX reporting, and conducted training for the SOX team.

Workiva also hosted Wdesk training for the company’s auditors and process owners—both internal and external, so everyone involved with the reporting cycle would know how to access the correct information and make document updates.

“The biggest benefit of using Wdesk for SOX is the efficiency gained from having all the different parties involved look at the same document and work on one version in a single application,” says the reporting manager.

Beyond creating the SOX reports, the team uses Wdesk to produce quarterly updates for the company’s SOX steering and audit committees. Those updates include process status, testing reports, and preliminary findings.


By using Wdesk, the team cut two weeks from its previous process, which was reliant on back-and-forth emails to collect and track input. The reporting manager says the solution’s powerful linking function and the customized dashboards that deliver status updates at a glance are the biggest time savers.

When she has a question or needs advice on creating a report, she turns to the solution’s second greatest strength—the Workiva Customer Success team. “The team finds a way to make it happen,” she comments. “Workiva has fantastic customer service.”

But she says the solution’s greatest strength is its versatility. “You can do whatever you want with Wdesk. It’s just a question of figuring out how.”

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