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Carrie Dostal: Prior to WebFilings, we had a very cumbersome, time-consuming process, but we didn’t know of a better way to do it. No one really had a better way to do it. After we saw the demo from WebFilings, I could see the benefit right away because it solved a problem we didn’t even know that we had.

Tim Bigley: When we first had a look at WebFilings, I was very impressed with the process and the tool itself. It appeared to have a lot of the functionality that we had hoped we could find as a solution but hadn’t been able to come across.

Carrie Dostal: WebFilings helped us in our report development and filing process right away the first quarter we implemented. I saw the software’s benefit immediately. WebFilings was the only solution we’ve seen that addressed all of the issues we’ve had with SEC Filing.

Tim Bigley: WebFilings has changed our report, SEC reporting process, substantially. The ability to have a number of users in the document at the same time working on different sections is a big advantage for us to keep the process moving.

Danielle Kuhn: We have different areas that are responsible for different pieces throughout, and before, when we did even our year-end 10-K filing, we would have a Word® document broken up into four or five different documents to try to help that. But WebFilings really allowed us to break it down into even smaller sections and improve the report development process significantly.

Tim Bigley: Being a cloud-based, web-based application, any time you have access to the internet, you can be working in the application. You always have the confidence knowing that you’re working on the most current version. Previously, we had you’d take a document home, you’d make your changes, you’d have to then merge those documents back together, but with WebFilings you always know that you’re working in the most current version.

Danielle Kuhn: We can have multiple users in the document at the same time. In the past, especially when it comes down to a last-minute change and getting that pushed through in a timely manner in various sections that have different owners, has been a challenge.

Tim Bigley: The ability to link documents, to be able to have multiple users in the application at one time, the fact that we have one version that we’re working on at all times have proven to be great benefits to help us improve our process.

Danielle Kuhn: It helped ensure that numbers were consistent throughout the document, which really facilitates the review process.

Tim Bigley: It allowed us to control different sections. When you make a change in a number that feeds through three different places in the document, it’s automatically updated.

Danielle Kuhn: We are able to spend more time reviewing things and analyzing things and less time just accumulating data and getting it into the document.

Carrie Dostal: We’re currently using WebFilings for nearly all of our SEC reporting and plan to use it for everything. We’ve done 8-K filings, we do some specialized mutual fund filings with WebFilings, and in the future, we plan to do our proxy.

Danielle Kuhn: Overall, WebFilings has really done what we hoped it would do. It’s helped us improve the report development process, it’s helped us get a better work-life balance for much of our team, and really make strides towards reaching our processing improvement goals.

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