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Employee Benefit Plans

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  • Laura began using Wdesk in 2011 for 10-Qs and 10-Ks. In the first year, she began expansion to the 401(k) because it was filed with the SEC.
  • She and her team had historically done these reports using Microsoft® Word with embedded Excel tables. 
  • Wdesk had worked so well for the filed reports, they began to consider expanding its use into other reports, including two additional benefit plans and audited financial statements of subsidiaries. 
  • However, Laura had one hurdle to face: how to get buy-in from her managers to allocate resources toward document and process setup when a tolerable system was already in place. 
  • The solution was to migrate documents slowly. Laura and her team moved one or two reports a year into Wdesk until they had eight in total.

Why Wdesk works for Laura

  • Laura works within a global company. The context for her reports can vary, so it's important that people in different time zones can leave comments tied to specific cells or words. Wdesk has comment threads that update in real time. They no longer have to consolidate emails strands, phone messages, or sticky notes. All changes are tracked in one place.
  • Wdesk is designed to integrate text and tables, creating rich, multifaceted reports. Laura no longer battles embedded tables.
  • Information that comes from anywhere in the organization can be easily added to reports. A new source link is added, and with a few clicks, it's linked throughout the report.
  • Rolling forward a report is as simple as updating the numbers in the source. Dates and values can be updated in one place, and each related instance automatically updates in the report.


  • Number consistency is now a virtue of the report, rather than a risk that needs to mitigated. Linking ensures that there is one source of truth for data—new numbers are automatically pushed to different parts of the reports.
  • Wdesk can instantly generate PDF and .docx versions of reports. Laura can quickly send files to auditors and senior management for review, and she's confident that the files accurately reflect what will be made public.
  • Wider business processes were uninterrupted through the transition to Wdesk. The slow, smooth change was so successful that no one beyond the team knew that they had changed applications.
  • Wdesk is user friendly, and even as it's updated, the learning curve remains shallow for Laura or any new users.


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