eBay – Expanding Use of Wdesk Testimonial


Kathyrn Kemper: So when I went to interview with eBay and they already had WebFilings, I found that to be a very positive thing because if they didn't have it, I was going to make them get it. In terms of my hiring, it's like, "You've got to have WebFilings."

My most favorite feature I think is being able to push the button myself. Eliminating a third party out of the entire process lets us file our document within a three-week window. Before, we couldn't do that. It's nice to be able to tell the company "Focus on this for three weeks. Then we can put it down, and we don't have to worry about it again until next quarter."

Our company originally signed on to use Certifier for SOX certifications, and we have found that there are additional teams within eBay that have also requested to use it for their own purposes. So now our treasury department, our PayPal entities in Europe and Asia have their own certifier tool for their own sign-off processes for their quarterly enclosed. So we found that tool expanded beyond what we originally thought it was going to be used for.

I see WebFilings growing significantly at eBay. There's a huge amount of potential for the product. Wdesk does keep evolving. There's new features and new enhancements that keep coming out. With each every one, it just makes your job even better. And I love the fact that you ask my opinion on what improvements we'd like to see, and then you see them come through. Sometimes, it's a couple of months away. Sometimes, it's a year, but it's coming.

I can't even tell you the amount of people that I have recommended it to. It's been a remarkable change from the old school way of doing things to this, and it's a benefit for everybody. I think everyone should be using it.

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