Dr Pepper Snapple Group works with Workiva consultants



I’m Eddie Holt, I work for Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and I am the SOX PMO for my company. Dr Pepper Snapple is big on rapid continuous improvement. We call it RCI. We do something called value stream mapping, so we get into a room with all the people that were involved with the SOX process: the PMO, the compliance managers, internal audit, process owners, control owners. How does the process work? How do we do SOX? Show us what Wdesk does, and we will try to adapt our process to that to meet the system.

We had the system architects come and the customer service reps were there, they were in those meetings with us for three days going through their process. They had a lot of expertise in letting us know what best practices were and that was huge for us. To bring in that knowledge, so we could make our process even more better. I just finished, in the last few weeks, we just finished our dashboards and all the reporting, and the system architect, he worked great with us. We’d call him up, and we would get on conference calls, and so now we’ve got it where we want it.

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