Dr Pepper Snapple Group SOX Narratives



I spend less time gathering information, so now I do have more time to look at the deficiencies and evaluating deficiencies or looking at test plans. I have time to do that kind of thing that I wouldn’t have had in the past because I was trying to spend so much time gathering information for reporting.

Another area where we saved time was during our narrative updates this year. Narrative updates had always been a real pain point for Dr Pepper because it was a Word® document. You would send it out, you would talk about it, you would send it out to five different people, and they all gave comments back. Somebody had to consolidate all of those comments and figure out which ones stepped on each other and sort it all out. Then you would have to send it back out to everybody and say, “How about this?” That process was very slow and painful.

Now that we have the document set up in Wdesk, we give access to the process owners. They go in and make their comments. It tracks all their comments, it tracks all their changes, everybody can see what everybody is doing in real time. There is not this everybody makes some changes, put it together, send it out again. It is all there. The comments I got from the compliance managers was that the narrative update process this year was way simpler than it had ever been in the past, so that was a big advantage for us.

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