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Disconnected Challenges

Outdated processes were slowing down SOX reporting and review at Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

Connected Results

Use Wdesk for Controls Management to accelerate report development and support strategic planning initiatives.

  • Collaboration on strategic planning with SOX experts from Workiva
  • Time-savings on administrative tasks and report development
  • Real-time status reports for management


SOX Compliance, SEC Reporting, Financial Reporting

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We started with the risk library. We set up a risk library and just listed all the processes. Then we said, “Let’s make a control library.” We made a separate document that was the control library. Then we took those two and linked them together to create a risk control matrix and built that out.

We also do our self-assessments through Wdesk. We use certifier to do the certifications. We linked up a self-assessment library to get all the information I needed to do assessments on. We linked up all of the risk control matrices to the test plans. We created test sheets for every test, put those together and linked it all the way through. If we want to change something in a risk or a control, we change it at the control library, and it flows through the RCM into the test plan, and it will flow all the way to the remediation sheets if we have a failure or something like that. Then we have the dashboards for all the reporting.

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