Dr Pepper Snapple Group links SOX compliance



We didn’t have a system. We were storing everything on SharePoint®. We were using Excel®, Word®, and a pretty typical, just manual kind of process. All reporting was done through PowerPoint®, which was taking all of those reports, all that kind of stuff from all around the company, and trying to put it together in a cohesive package we could use.

We started using Wdesk for SOX this year. It was up and running in just a few weeks, and so the beauty of a system like this is it just cut down so much on the administrative time of trying to put together the reporting. From my position, I do not have to go out and ask 30 people where they are on their test, what have they done, what are they doing, how are we doing? It is all already in the system now as a dashboard. It was so much easier to put together because I had all the dashboards there. I had a real-time answer for where we were on percentage of completion. We knew about our deficiencies, all of our processes that we were testing, and so that has been a huge savings for us.

Also the fact that we can link all of our data together, that was a huge problem before. Version control and trying to keep up with if I made a change in the Word document. I changed it in the control in this place now I need to go change the wording in the matrix, now I need to go and change the test plan. It was just constant changes. This way, once we got the data linked, it was the coolest thing to go in and change the wording in one control, and it is changed all the way through the system. We really like that.

I have used other systems before, so I knew how a SOX system worked. I was able to bring that experience to a new company to figure out how to put it together. We looked at some of the really big ones and we looked at some of the smaller shops, but when it came down to it, Wdesk was the tool that really worked for us. It was the best for sure.

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