Dr Pepper Snapple Group - Access, Linking, Customer Success Testimonial



Ryan Noyes: Back in 2008, I'd been looking up options for the things that offer collaboration, like the XBRL integration and everything in one solution. At the time, I don't believe that WebFilings existed. So it wasn't until our sales rep called us just after we had gotten done with our Q3 filing. I believe that was the second time we had to do our detailed XBRL tagging. The printer who was doing all the tagging for us, they required that we had put our pencils down about two weeks out when we didn't even have all the comments back from everyone.

So we just thought there had to be something better, and WebFilings was something better. Collaboration was definitely one of the major features that we were looking for whenever we went to WebFilings and now the Wdesk. Before, we just had everything on a shared drive, so only one person could be doing anything at one good time. With WebFilings, we have everything, every note, every section in its own space so that we can have all three people working on something at the same time.

Before it was, "Okay, we link net income in the phase statement as well as back in MD&A." And now, "Okay good. That number we change at one place, it will go everywhere." All the language throughout the entire document gets changed, and that's made our road for process a lot easier.

We are not spending the late hours in the office that we had previously. Just everything being cloud-based when we had actually done everything in January 2011 trying to get the 2010 10-K done. There was an ice storm in Dallas. So for three days, the entire team was stuck at home. They couldn't go to the office. But we're still able to continue working because we had WebFilings, and we have the people in Ames to help us along the way and solving the problems that we had. So even though we weren't in the office, we didn't lose any time.

Our Customer Success Manager has been there on call. As soon as we send an email or place a phone call, she will either answer, or she'll return it within maybe half hour or an hour. Even when she was off on maternity leave, she made sure there was someone else in place who could take care of us. It's always been very quick to get a response from our Customer Success Manager.

The cost savings of this is actually helping us because our CFO is a huge proponent of RCI (Rapid Continuous Improvement), and this product has helped us achieve that in our own department. So we definitely support WebFilings, and we have nothing but good things to say about it.

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