Discovery Communications Testimonial



Safi Majid: A very manual process—it was based on sort of like this third-party outsourcing firm where we send our document —EDGAR version and XBRL version.

Kristine Deringer: We were trying to do simple things. I needed to change dates in a report, and it took me two and a half hours one night. It was towards the end of the filing process where we had pencils down. I needed to change a simple date, and it was two and a half hours in the evening. It was ridiculous. That's when we said we're just not comfortable, and we're moving to a solution where we can do what we want to do.

Erica Jacobson: We had a presentation made to us, and everything seemed so easy. Everybody seems to really promote the products, and it was as advertised for us. You don't always get that.

Gaurav Dhawan: They were able to walk us through the process—make sure if we had any questions, we were able to go to them at any time. Again, it's kind of contrast with what we previously went through before coming on to WebFilings where that relationship wasn't as good.

Safi Majid: It was a really simple thing to implement because you already have the skills. If you know how to use a word processor, you kind of already know how to use WebFilings.

Kristine Deringer: It's effortless. The transition was very minor for us. I can work anywhere at any time, and as a rule, I take my laptop home at night because I go home, and I spend time with my children before they go to sleep, and then I'm back online.

Safi Majid: It's all based in the cloud. It's all based with one company. So it's really easy kind of to manage that process. You don't have to worry about updates to your systems and things like that. It's all kind of done for you.

Alyna Lee: We're on a digital age. We're more of digital people. We want to be able to go into the document and make our changes at the same time, and I feel like WebFilings has allowed us to do that.

Gaurav Dhawan: The ability for our group to go in and document all at once, work at different sections at one time is a big advantage.

Safi Majid: All the stuff that WebFilings does is all real-time. So as you're building it out, you're getting real-time feedback from the program on the quality of your XBRL: if there's problems, if there's issues. We actually use WebFilings for documents that we don't even file because you have the ability—like if we have a big memo that needs to be written, even filings that aren't going to be filed with the SEC—just because WebFilings is so easy to use, it gives you the ability of letting multiple people in the document the same time. We actually set some of that stuff up in WebFilings, and we'll just print it out and sign of as opposed to filing it.

Gaurav Dhawan: If you're working in a team environment, it's just the optimal way of completing a task.

Safi Majid: How do we work better as a team? How do we get better as a team? I think a lot of things that WebFilings has allowed us to do is give us the ability to collaborate more. I think that was probably one of the best things about it—it was that we are kind of all together in this thing. It's not just one person handling. I mean, at the end of the day, everybody works as a team, but it's like, "How do you work as a team?" I think WebFilings has really allowed us to work better as a team. What's the best way to get from point A to point B? I think with WebFilings you can have that streamlined process to point B.

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