Davey Tree Expert Company Testimonial



Nicholas Sucic: My name is Nicholas Sucic. I’m the vice president and controller of The Davey Tree Expert Company. We’re an employee-owned company, so we have no one fully dedicated to the SEC reporting function. But folks will get in and work through it, myself included, in a review capacity. It really works out well.

We’re now doing the reconciliations in a vertical manner, which automatically populates our filings every quarter. So very, very, very unique and beneficial for us. In addition, we’ve got the review function that we’re allowed to have and do share, and it really has worked out well. Unbelievable.

Davey Tree, being an employee-owned company, is also its own EDGAR filing agent. So this really works out well for us, and we’re able to combine two things at the same time and get it done, so it’s been great.

The professional assistance of the WebFilings folks to the extent you need expertise—it’s all there, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be able to work with WebFilings. I would strongly suggest you get a demonstration and walk all the way through the tool itself prior to putting it up because it’s very, very different and very, very unique.

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