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Committee Presentation

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  • Prior to Wdesk, Sarah and her team were using Microsoft® Publisher to consolidate the committee presentation. The report could range from 25 pages at quarter-end to 40 pages at year-end. 
  • The book is a collection of charts and summaries from the company's 10-Q and 10-K filings. The key audience is the controller, who uses it at board meetings as opposed to walking through 90 pages of text.
  • The team would receive the quarterly or annual financial information along with review and commentary, and Sarah would enter it into the Wdesk workbook. She then had to duplicate her work in Excel® spreadsheets, so it could be copied into Publisher. Each change in numbers required an update to each application, including any ensuing formatting. 

Why Wdesk works for Sarah

  • Sarah now can now develop and update the review book inside of a single application, meaning any formatting changes will automatically carry over from the 10-Q and the 10-K.
  • Sarah and her team will draft the 10-Q or 10-K, and then link numbers and text within the review book. When the source is updated, they are assured that the numbers in the review book will always match the Q and the K.
  • The team can easily summarize reports to include past responses and past financial information because Wdesk keeps a detailed history of any changes. They can ensure that any addition to the review book is consistent with what they've had in the past.
  • Their Workiva Customer Success Manager is always available to answer questions, from general best practices to XBRL. And answers always come within the same day.


  • Easy, consistent formatting rolls forward each quarter. Once a report has been created, Sarah can copy the structure and reuse as little or as much of the information as necessary.
  • Because Sarah no longer has to develop the report once in a workbook and then copy to Publisher and format, she saves a few hours each day during the two-week busy period.
  • The controller and assistant controller have noted that the report looks much better in Wdesk. They appreciate that it's more consistent than it was in Publisher.
  • Sarah has gained day-to-day efficiency from number and text linking. Numbers only need to be updated in a single location, and the 10-Q, 10-K, or controller review book will immediately reflect the changes.


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