Collaborate to conquer your reports



The Wdesk product you know is going to be a revolutionary concept that’s finally taking hold and I think it’s going to take on and I’m happy to be a part of it and it makes my experience at work much more enjoyable because I am not just focused on filing documents with the SEC. I get to be involved with more things at work. What made it much easier with Wdesk is that when you put the change in it went throughout the whole document. So even when we were working with Wdesk and the printer simultaneously there came to a point where we had submitted a document to the printer, well any change that we had put through it went through Wdesk and then we had to also submit the changes to the printer. So we got to see firsthand how much easier it was to get the change in, to put the change through Wdesk, how it went through the product versus submitting it to the printer via email or whatever markup the document and submitting it, waiting for the change to come back, and what complicated it even more was the XBRL portion of it and or we understood with Wdesk that once the change went through the XBRL could be changed just as quick. There was basically the pencils down period was eliminated. Our customer service manager he became part of the team basically in having him work with us to get it all done. Yes, I would very much recommend Webfilings and the Wdesk software.