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CIRCOR International Testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

A company focused on improvement, CIRCOR International wanted a leaner, more efficient process that it could rely on for reporting.

Connected Results

  • The entire process is housed in one location
  • Data is rolled forward each quarter with little manual entry
  • Support team reviews files before go-live date to assure accuracy


SEC Reporting


Brian Wueste: I think that the company I work for, CIRCOR—we’re always focused on improvement. And since I got there, we’ve been stuck in the same ways we’ve done filings forever, and it was pretty inefficient.

The whole organization was trying to become more lean. Lean is a word that we use all the time to do more with less. And we realized there must be something better out there to streamline the processes we have and to cut down the closing time. So me being new to the team, I looked around to see what else was out there, and thought that this was a good solution to help us get to where we want to go with the people that we have on the team.

It was pretty seamless. So we had a lot of meetings to figure out if WebFilings was the right solution, but once we made that decision, it was very easy.

We had a call with our Customer Success Manager who laid out the steps to file. This was during Q2. It couldn’t have been any easier. They took our old filings and translated everything forward. They kept me in the loop as a point person, scheduled some trainings with me and my team so that we’d all be up to speed on what WebFilings was and what we’d have to do, but it was super easy. I mean, there was no extra work to transition from one to the other.

My favorite feature is the linking feature in WebFilings. There’s the ability to make one change once and have it be reflected throughout the document. It’s just so much easier than having to change it each and every time and double-check to make sure I got everything. We used to use a document just online, and we’d have to manually type in the dates, so just to roll forward from quarter to quarter, you have to go in and replace every June with September and every three months with six months.

WebFilings has this linking feature, which sounds easy—basically, you change it once, and it changes it everywhere. And just that alone probably saved me half a day of typing, and searching and replacing and everything. So that’s absolutely an easy feature and favorite feature.

The biggest thing we’ve found was that our work with the Customer Success Manager, the way he helps us and he takes the time to show us how to do things. But what we really appreciate—and especially the controller, who’s not as involved, really appreciates knowing—is that there’s someone out there that’s doing all this for us. Just to know that you guys care and actually review our filings before we go live, that was eye-opening to all of us on the team. So that’s worth sharing—that was really appreciated by all of us.

The filing: we did it from the office, but I had the controller and the CFO in my room, and we called the CSM. He walked us through everything, made sure all the checks worked, it was just—it couldn’t have gone easier. We were all excited at how smoothly it went.

The platform is easy to learn. The processes don’t change too much, except everything is just faster, and I just kept finding myself saying, “I wish I could do this easier,” and then WebFilings made that happen a lot of times. So, again, it’s just the easy stuff: the linking with the cells and being able to preview things without having to go to three different websites. It’s nice to be able to do everything all at once and have it done right.

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