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Century Aluminum Testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

Century Aluminum was using desktop-based software for SEC reporting that caused inconsistency in numbers.

Connected Results

  • Confidence in data accuracy is restored
  • Documents can be reviewed anytime, from any location
  • Workiva Customer Success Managers are always available to help


SEC Reporting


Energy and Utilities


The transition was very smooth. Our customer success manager was excellent, and she was always there. Just the fact that she said, “If you need me, call me,” and we had a person to contact and a person to deal with. Even if the issue that we had was not something that was in her wheelhouse, she had a point of contact that she could take us to to get the problem solved.

Well, the first time we filed with WebFilings, it was a group effort, of course, but we had kind of built it up in our mind that this was gonna be something significant, and it was. It’s filed. Ok, let’s go to the SEC website, see what happened, and it was there.

Your product is intuitive, it’s functional, it looks nice, it’s easy to use. That’s the way it should be done.

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