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Capstone Infrastructure SEDAR Testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

Capstone Infrastructure needed its numbers to tell a consistent, accurate story.

Connected Results

  • Version control is no longer an issue
  • Management can share results with confidence
  • Continuous enhancements to Wdesk ensures everyone uses the latest technology


SEC Reporting, Financial Reporting


Energy and Utilities


You’re not having these ‘is net income the same here?’ type of conversations that you used to have when it was Word and Excel or when you had several different documents out there. What we found is you can really get efficient with your review process. When you make a change it’s really quick to get the change processed through the entire document. There is no hesitation to make late changes. It is not something where people are worried that something will be wrong when you are processing a late adjustment.

I don't even really look at it as a relationship across the border I just think of it as a company that we have chosen that we are very happy to deal with and work with and is responsive to us as I would expect them to be to any of their clients whether they’re located in Canada or the US or anywhere else around the world. This is a product you should look at. It is easy to use right at the beginning, good company to work with, great support to get you started, and once you're off to the races the limits are really what you set for them.

Absolutely I can recommend Workiva with no problem for any person that is in a financial reporting role that has external reporting because it’s a very easy business case for people that have external public reporting.

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