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Capstone Infrastructure Investor Relations Testimonial

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Disconnected Challenges

Capstone Infrastructure needed its numbers to tell a consistent, accurate story.

Connected Results

  • Version control is no longer an issue
  • Management can share results with confidence
  • Continuous enhancements to Wdesk ensures everyone uses the latest technology


SEC Reporting, Financial Reporting


Energy and Utilities


Andrew Kennedy, Vice President of Finance: The increase in quality for me as a manager is around what it does to help the senior management team get their head around what the quality, and the look, and the feel of the document should be. But also insuring the integrity of the numbers and making sure that everyone’s got kind of a consistent story of what the results were and how we can share that with our shareholders.

Jens Ehlers, Senior Vice President of Finance: It is refreshing to work with a company that wants to interact with its clients and be responsive.

Andrew Kennedy: The Workiva community, I’d call it, is something that’s very powerful. When you have questions, it’s kind of like they’ve created a team of people that are all just trying to solve the same problems. There is an internet site, but there is also your success manager, there's your sales rep, and when you throw questions out to the community, you'll be surprised with the answers you will get.

Jens Ehlers: If you're inclined to really stretch yourselves in new directions and gain from that, this is the product you should look at. It is easy to use right at the beginning, good company to work with, great customer support to get you started, and once you're off to the races, the limits are really what you set for them.

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