Brown-Forman's Aha Moment with Wdesk for Board Reporting



The "aha moment" was when you could see the review functionality. You’re looking through the CFO’s comments, you’re looking through chief accounting officer’s comments, our head of financial reporting comments in the 10-K and 10-Q, and how easy it was having everything in one place. We see that, and one of our desires was for more people to get their eyes on the board report at Brown-Forman, before it went to the board. We were finding that we weren’t getting enough eyes on it because it was just a cumbersome process, and we completed the report kind of too late into the process.

Our chief accounting officer loves it. Once he goes through and reviews it, he will @ mention us in comments so that we are alerted of things that he wants us to look at quickly. We can actually look at the report in real time and see the light on it is green. That means our chief accounting officer has reviewed that particular section. The quality of the document has been greatly improved after switching to Wdesk.

Executives at Brown-Forman love the new tool because the report is more consistent. They’re getting better information in a more consistent document. All of your charts are already created, and some months it is very chart-heavy, and there is not formatting involved. It has already been done once, so you just update the numbers and refresh the chart. It is clean. It is a simple process.

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