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Disconnected Challenges

New leadership wanted the FP&A reporting team to find a more efficient way to produce the board of directors report.

Connected Results

  • 87% reduction in the time it takes to compile the board of directors report
  • More collaborative report development process from the C-suite on down
  • More informative, consistent, and useful board of directors report


SOX Compliance, Management Reporting, Integrated Financial Planning, Financial Reporting, Enterprise Risk Management

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People can be set in their ways, and so initially we tried to really show the benefits of it. At the end of the day you’re trying to create a world-class, top-notch report. In order to do that, sometimes you have to change the way you do things to make it better, and that’s what we did. We worked with our CSM to create a concept or a structure of the report that’s repeatable and easy to use, and then we just trained people. We did high-level trainings, then I kept my phone always open for people to call me, and I would stop by their desks and show them how to do something. After a couple months, people got it, and they understand why it is such a good tool.

The quality of the report speaks for itself. If you were to look at one from three years ago or four years ago at this point to now, you could see so many inconsistencies before, and now it’s a better quality document, and it’s more detailed and it’s easier to follow. From that perspective, it has been a huge win.

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