Black Hills Testimonial



Mary Anne Wingert: We started using the solution in March of 2010. The first thing we did was just the 10-Q and the 10-K and then a couple of quarters into it we realized, why don’t we put our standalone financials in there, too?

We have management that goes out to speak to regulators or investors or analysts, and they wanted something quick at their fingertips as opposed to us flipping through a 200-page document to find statistics or earnings numbers. And so we created this quarterly salary report for them, and we just started working with investor relations to develop an investor relations trend report because they wanted to see a five-quarter trend, as opposed to this other report that only showed the quarters and the year to date. It will help them going forward when they go out to meet with investors and rating agencies.

I am sure that with the presentation package, that we will be saving time with investor relations doing that because we spend so much time taking and tying numbers and making sure that they’re correct and changed when we have a last-minute change that just having it run through with all the links will, I know, save us time.

I try to think of where Wdesk could make us more efficient, and we will go. We went out to investor relations to tell them about the product and how it can improve the process for the earnings release just for the document itself, and now they’re really excited about the presentation function. We started using Wdesk for all our 8-Ks.

We, as financial reporting, file the 8-K for the earnings release, but the governance department files 8-Ks for the anything else that we file. And they actually came to us and asked about doing the proxy. So we actually do our proxy in the system now. We now do our pension plans in the system, and that was at the request of management and some other people because we knew the system was more efficient.

I would definitely recommend Wdesk as a solution, and we have recommended it to other companies, and I’ve talked to people I know in the industry that I work in to tell them about it, and so we just—we just love Wdesk.

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